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A Journey to the Dreamland: Sandakphu Trek

Hi friends… when I was thinking of having my own blog I was confused what to talk about. Then I decided to start with something which I believe from the bottom of my heart. I believe life is a journey… a never ending journey. Human body is subject to decay but the journey of the soul never comes to an end.

So I think what could be a better option than sharing with you the experience of my journey to the dreamland… The Himalayas. Mountains beckon me from childhood. But I never knew that life will give me an opportunity to explore the mystery of mountains this way. When the proposal came to me I couldn’t say no. And you know what the best part is? My parents didn’t hesitate to allow me to go for a trek to Sandakphu after I explained that there is no risk involved if you get ready with proper planning, follow the right strategies and mountaineering rules and take necessary precautions.

The Route We Followed:

trek route

We started the journey in June 2006. I was so excited I couldn’t concentrate on any other thing. We reached NJP and hired a car to reach a place called Manebhanjan, from where we were supposed to start the trek next day. Manebhanjan is a small town with no similarity with places like Darjeeling, Gangtok or Kalingpong. The first time I came to know how it feels to stay in such a small picturesque hill station.

A Small Picturesque Town – Manebhanjan:


I was unaware that more surprises were awaiting us on the route. As we proceeded we went on discovering the hidden treasure of nature that was in store for us in every bend of the mountains. We started early the next morning for our first destination Tumling. The route was so beautiful that I wouldn’t have mind if it would have been a never ending journey. We crossed a spot called Meghma. The name is apt because the cloud was so thick we literally couldn’t see beyond a few feet. Just take a look at the spot.

Meghma – “Walk in the Clouds”:


The next day we were supposed to reach Kalipokhri. We got up only to discover that it was a cloudy day and if we decide to start we can’t escape heavy rain. Since we didn’t have much time we decided to leave the trekker’s hut at Tumling. Rain made the journey even more difficult. No regrets as I discovered a fresh new look of the Himalayas and enjoyed every drop of water falling on the leaves… the sound of rain drops… as if the rain had covered the mountain in a blanket of mystery.

After much struggle we reached Kalpokhri. Wondering why such name? See this.

Kalipokhri – The Black Lake:


Weather was not so bad the next day. When I came out of the trekker’s hut early in the morning I was speechless to see the snow capped peaks around. Till then I have only heard of them or seen them in pictures but they were right in front of my eyes for the first time and I realized my life has got a new meaning. I was thrilled and wanted to reach our final destination Sandakphu as soon as possible.

We just packed our ruck sacks and set off for the journey. Alas! When we reached Sandakphu there were clouds all around hiding the mountain peaks. I was sad to hear that there is least chance to get even a glimpse of Mt. Kanchenjunga. But the place itself was so beautiful that I wished I could stay there for the rest of my life and I am sure you will feel the same after seeing this picture.

Sandakphu – Paradise on Earth:


I didn’t know that the greatest surprise was still waiting for us. We were having dinner. Suddenly Anil, a porter of our fellow trekking group arrived at our trekker’s hut and requested us to come out immediately. We followed him to discover Mt. Kanchenjunga flooded with moon light. (Sorry friends can’t share the picture as none of our cameras was so powerful to capture the eternal beauty.) We were spellbound. The natural beauty touched my soul. For the first time I realized the prowess of the Creator, the Almighty. I can’t express how it feels when you first discover that you are a part of that vastness. It was like a dream come true!

I think I won’t stop if I keep on writing as there is so much to share. So I think I will continue the story in my next posts.  🙂



  1. “Human body is subject to decay but the journey of the soul never comes to an end.”

    –> well said, have you read ‘Bhagvat Gita’? It describes the same concept.

  2. …mystery of the mountains is unfolded…a well depicted story!

  3. Your heartfelt feelings get well reflected in your writing. It is powerful enough to take us along with you……absense of a powerful camera notwithstanding…..

  4. I have seen the pictures before but you have made them come alive with your words…wish i can make it to sandakphu at some point of time…

  5. Well how to describe my feelings is what a question right now i m facing..
    well said deblina… it was wrapped with the freshness and the essence of that place which can be felt with your words..
    your entire description explores the blessing beauty of that place and by mentioning your parents contribution for the completion of your memorable journey….you have allowed every body to get a glimpse of the pure and beautiful heart u r having , i guess which is yet to unfold…..

    hoping to hear few more from u…

  6. meghma jaoar amar khub ichhe. sandakphu-er thekeo basi…tor lekha pore abar ichhe holo. tor lekha-ta besh lively hoechhe. it reflects your emmotion. r tar cheyeo besi lively hoechhe tor blog-er design…the colour combination itself reflects the freshness of the mountains…

  7. Hi Deblina….

    travel a lot and keep us updating with your posts … thanks for sharing the photos too….

    keep up the good job 🙂

  8. Excellent!! Your beautiful style of writing and lively descriptions helped me to visualise the whole journey!! And believe me, it was very very refreshing!! I love hill stations…your description helped to increase this love even more!! Khub bhalo likhechish. Chaliye jaa!! Best of Luck!!!!

  9. tomar feelings tomar lekha darun. amio himalaya premik kintu thik sahos pachina eka eka berobar. kintu ebar thik korchilam sandakfu jabo ei february 5, 2010 with my daughter who is now 13 years old. have u give some idea if i will go only with my child. is there any risk? what is the guide’a name and how i will contact him. please give response as early as possible. thanks a lot.

  10. Yes. Nice reading. I myself have been there three times. I wish to be there yet again. Really it’s a drealand. And am answering Babli- there is no risk at all. Just U depend on Ur guides & porters. They r very dependable & always helpful.

  11. Stations back in time.
    I lived the entire moment once again reading your blog. Right from the moon light night in Sandhakphu to getting drenched in the rain to the jungle trek towards Rimbhik especially the song that the locals were singing.
    Our agility knew no bounds then. Rightly said the journey of the soul continues far beyond the limits of once physical self. More so after reading blogs like this 🙂
    Keep up the good work.

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  13. feel excited when i come to know the people with same thoughts and concepts

  14. Feeling excited to go there..but one thing the way u written the blog its awsm….i am almost over there….

  15. Wonderful place and well covered. Keep Posting Deblina!

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  17. Well informative. Carry on………. with regards Suna

  18. Your blog simply reflects your love for the mountains…. i’m born and i’ve been brought up in the hills but i’v never had the chance to go to sandakphu….. i’v always planned about making a trip to sandakphu but it never ever materialised…. i’ve been to the everest base camp but sadly enough,i’ve never been to sandakphu…. but your blog has brought in more zeal and the enthusiasm that i had lost for quite some time now due to my work…. thanks Deblina Ganguli… i hope you keep us updated…

  19. My trip to Sandakphu ,West Bengal , India

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