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The Journey Continues…

Friends I promised that I will be back with my story. So finally I managed some time to spend with you.

I missed to share an interesting fact in my previous post. Whenever we used to come across some local children, they used to greet us saying ‘Namaste’. You know what does that mean? You are supposed to give them chocolates. This was the cutest of all the kids.

Such a Sweetheart:


On our way back one of the most interesting incidents of my life took place. We were supposed to go to Phalut from Sandakphu. But due to bad weather we had to change our plan. We decided to follow a short cut and reach our next destination Gurdum. The route was through dense forest. The view was awesome. Can’t resist myself from sharing it with you.

Way to Gurdum:


When we were coming down, some local people joined us. Actually they were going to attend a marriage ceremony at Gurdum. When we reached there we found that none of the families was ready to provide us with accommodation as each and every person of that small village was going to attend the marriage ceremony.

We were hungry but couldn’t have anything since every day we used to cook our meal after reaching our destination. Thank God! Our guide Vinod daju (local dialect for elder brother) and our porter Lakshman could read our face. And you know what? The local people also requested us to join the marriage ceremony and invited us for lunch. Mmmmm…. delicious. After four days when we were bored with our own cooking we finally got a chance to have a great lunch. The savor of each and every dish was awesome.

Finally a family agreed to let us stay in their house for that night. They were very poor. But I was speechless to see the beautiful decoration of their house. Every single item was handcrafted. Trust me, the aesthetic beauty was no less than that of a five star hotel of any metro city.

We left the house the next morning to reach Srikhola. On our way we crossed several small valleys. As soon as we crossed a valley and looked back, the small villages were really looking like perfectly framed photographs. Within a few hours we reached Srikhola. I really don’t know how to describe this place. I am running short of words to depict its beauty especially the meandering river and the view from the hanging bridge were awesome. Earlier we planned to stay there for that night. But our guide and porter were in hurry. So we left Srikhola for our final destination Rimbik.

Way to Rimbik:


We stayed there for that day. The lunch and dinner were just too good. They also served Khorsani (a local version of pickle). I will never forget the taste. Oh, and how can I forget the mouthwatering momo. We used to have them at least twice a day and each time they tasted equally good or better.

So that was the end of the story or should I say a new beginning for me. Thanks to Vinod daju, Lakshman, Dona di (our instructor), Epsita di (my teacher) and Ekka (my junior). Without your support I could never reach my dream destination. 🙂



  1. Stories are scattered all around us…it is only an observant soul that can find them and give expression. Wish you a very happy journey all your life.. coz u are made to travel and explore the very essence that comes your way. Kudos to ur passion and dedication towards travelling.

  2. ….i bet, you won’t meet such humble people ever again…..we can live the moments in your wonderful description……

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