Posted by: deblinaganguli | November 23, 2009

Where Alauddin Saw Padmini

Hey people,  I have been trying to share this with you for so long. But couldn’t manage time. Finally I am going to show you something. Many of you might have seen this. For others I hope it will be a genuine surprise.

Want to know which was the exact place where Alauddin Khilji was sitting while looking at the image of Padmini? I tried to capture it with my analogue camera way back in 2004. Though the photo is not very clear I hope you will at least get an idea.

This is where the beautiful queen Padmini was sitting.

Who says India is poor in science or technology? Just think of the idea. Since Alauddin was not allowed to see Padmini face to face he had to see her image and the way the whole thing was done is just brilliant.

Let me share two more photos with you.

This is a Shiv Mandir inside Chitorgarh.

This is the sacred pond where the ladies used to bathe before offering worship to Lord Shiva.

Mere Bharat Mahan… 🙂


  1. Really amazing!!!

  2. ei chobi gulo ki amader sei chittor bhromnoer?? na pore abar gechili?? nehow….got nostalgic….:)

  3. eta mone hachhe amader chittor bhtaman-er chhaabi. bhalo laaglo. oi trip-tar prae kono chhabi nei amar kachhe. tai ro bhalo laglo. meera bai-er ekta andhakar mandir-e giyechhilam mone achhe? sei chhabi-ta thakle post koris toh.

    • oi mondir tar kono chobi nei re. eta amaro khub afsosh. tobe oi somoy oi mondir ta te darie thakte je ki bhalo lagchilo ami seta konodin bhulbo na. r trip er anek chobi amar kache ache. tobe se to digi cam e tola na. chesta korbo time pele scan kore patha te.

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