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Namchi, Sikkim: A Few Days in Paradise

A lazy evening. Well, I don’t know whether I should call it Lazy or not? Right now I am in the office and supposed to do some work. But somehow I am unable to concentrate. May be the lovely weather outside has compelled me to take a trip down the memory lane. Once again I am gonna share my travel experiences with you. This time it is about our trip to Namchi, a small town located in West Sikkim.

Namchi, West Sikkim

Namchi, Sikkim

Sikkim, whenever I hear this name, it seems that I belong to this small state of North East India. Though I am born and brought up in Kolkata, I don’t know why it feels like home every time I visit this ‘wonderland’. Yes, it is a wonderland, for me atleast. I am simply crazy about the Himalayas like many other mountain lovers. But what makes a difference is probably…. for me, it’s not only about appreciating the beauty of nature, but it’s about feeling safe, feeling myself. Whenever I go to the Himalayas, it feels that I am not an outsider, not an intruder but a small baby who is secure in her mother’s lap.

I feel, places like Namchi, which is clam, quite and unspoiled is far better in comparison to the popular hill stations like Darjeeling or Gangtok, crowded with lots and lots of tourists from all over the world. I feel the flavour of the mountains is lost in these places, may be because of commercialization.

Any way let me move on to my story. Initially we planned to go somewhere else. But suddenly I discovered this place while browsing the Internet. I told my friends about it and they agreed to visit this place after doing a little bit of research themselves.

The Journey Started

The Journey Started

Waiting never seemed to be so exciting. I was going back to the Himalayas after two years. As soon as we boarded Darjeeling Mail from Sealdah station, my heart skipped a beat. It was not a dream. I was really going to get a glimpse of the majestic mountains once again. What made the journey even more enjoyable, is the company of my friends.

Night passed away quickly and we reached NJP at 8 AM. Train was an hour late. We had breakfast at the station and set out for our final destination. Namchi was a three and a half hour drive from NJP. Our driver Vikram daju (a local dialect for elder brother) was quite an expert but he wanted to reach the spot as soon as possible and didn’t really appreciate our request to stop at regular intervals. But we couldn’t help it. Nature around was so beautiful that a glance was not enough.

On Our Way to Namchi

On Our Way to Namchi

It was autumn and the bunch of Kash Phul (reed flowers) welcomed us as we entered the mystic world of the mountains. I had been to the Himalayas in monsoon. The rainy season though unsafe, has its own charm. But the clear blue sky and the white floating clouds were gorgeous. Occasional rains made the journey even more beautiful.

Reed Flowers

Kash Phul

I wish it could have been a never ending journey. The way through the valleys took me to a different world. Each turns kept on unfolding splendid views of the Himalayas, as if I was watching a flawless painting of the Creator. No matter how many miles you travel and how many turns you take, river Teesta will not leave your side. The green hills, the autumn sky and the meandering river came together to take me to the dream world.

Tista River


Within 3 and a half hour we reached Jorethang, one of the major towns of West Sikkim. I am familiar to this town as I have crossed it twice before while going to Barsey and Renchengpong. It is a common point from where you can take different routes. Shared taxi is available from NJP. It will drop you in Jorethang, from where you will have to hire a car or avail another shared taxi (if available) to your final destination.

Green Field

Green Field

By the time our car reached Jorethang, we were hungry like anything. Thankfully, it took only 10 minutes to reach our final destination. We had booked the Sheperd’s Vacation Home, but we couldn’t see any hotel or lodge where our car dropped us. Vikram Daju told that we need to cover the rest of the distance on our feet and we moved on like obedient students.

Within a few seconds we were standing infront of the hanging bridge that was built over river Rangit. Our driver said that we need to cross the bridge in order to reach our cottage. For me it was exciting while for some of my friends, it was a nightmare. But there was no second choice.

The Hanging Bridge

The Hanging Bridge

We crossed the bridge (some happily & some unhappily) and reached our cottage. It was a pleasant surprise as none of us expected the cottage to be located in such a beautiful valley overlooking Rangit. It was nestled amidst of the peaceful woods and the only sound one can hear is the sound of the flowing river.

Sheperd's Vacation Home

Our Cottage

But luck didn’t favor us completely. Though it was an isolated place, the ongoing hydel project stood as a reminder of “technology”. But one thing pleased me that ours was the only tourist group staying in that cottage. I decided to ignore the presence of the hydel project and delve into the utmost serenity of the place. My heart filled with joy because I have reached my dream destination.

To be continued… 🙂


  1. Reading your “Namchi, Sikkim: A Few Days in Paradise” was a refreshing break form my mundane life. It transported me too in the interiors of the Himalayas, the small villages and the friendly locals……………………….smell of the pine trees and wet moss………………………….. Thanks

  2. the nice choice of words makes sure every reader finishes reading your post… please do finish it off soon… when the beginning of this trip is so beautiful, we sure do want to read the rest of it! 🙂

  3. Thanks for this nice post Deblina. Namchi… is a nostalgia! Those few days were like dreams I’ll never forget… and thanks to u for choosing this place.

    • Right Moon di, visiting Namchi was a dream come true and thanks for your company. Without Chobi Roy, the trip wouldn’t have been so cheerful.

  4. waiting for the continuation eagerly…

  5. daarun. kobe geli re? khub sundor jaega…

    • Last September.

  6. hmmm, it seems deblina is back with bang. Here comes the real flavour from a die-hard travel fan. Nice to see your travelog. It seems you are again planning to be a part of this nature very soon.

    keep sharing such photos, but please don’t tell me to see those in office hours. Otherwise, I will be lost somewhere and won’t be able to concentrate on anything else. However, go going Deblina ! Namchi is great not just because it is great place.

    Beauty of a place is known by its observer and his/her consciousness.

  7. I have never been to such a place, but i can feel the tranquilizing effect of that place, a place where u can just hear your own heart beat, u can just feel air kissing your cheeks, a place where blowing air whispers something in your ear, u can hear the sound of flowing water and cannot help your senses flowing with that, a place where u feel the exact meaning of word the ‘beautiful’ …….

    Your description reminds me of one line, may b it suits u as well..”yahan aa k badi muddaton ke bad main apne aap se mil raha hun”….

    anticipating….your next chapter on the your words soon…
    1more thing
    ohh really want to know that,those pics used in the blog were captured by CHOBI:-) roy??

    • Will try to finish the story as soon as possible. As far as the snaps are concerned, it’s not Chobi Roy, the writer herself is the photographer.

  8. The mountains always bring out the best in you..That is what I can say about the post Deblina…Great!! looking forward to the subsequent editions 🙂

  9. A great example of a travelogue ! You have not only described the places but also blended it beautifully with your personal views and feelings, thus making it more interesting to read.

  10. […] (6,300 ft). En-route visit Temi Tea Garden, Samdruptse and Siddheshwar Dham (Chardham) in Namchi. On arrival check-in to your hotel. Overnight stay […]

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