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Namchi, Sikkim: A Few Days in Paradise – Part II

The non-stop gurgling of River Rangeet… the chirping of birds… the green woods all around… the beautiful orchids… the blue autumn sky…. and me… Once again I met myself after a l-o-n-g time.

Namchi, Sikkim, India

I am talking about our Namchi Trip. Finally I have managed some time to move on to the next chapter (hope final chapter) of the trip. Reaching the deserted place gave me the much desired break. Though I was very hungry by the time we reached our cottage, I forgot everything after discovering that the place was much more beautiful than we have imagined.

I was lost in my thoughts when my friend reminded me that we need to get fresh as soon as possible and go for lunch. Well, food was nothing unusual. But the dining place was nicely decorated, simple yet beautiful. The use of materials like bamboo, wood and cane ensured that the local flavour doesn’t get spoiled. You can also enjoy swimming in the pool just beside the dining area. Abundance of flowers is another thing that I liked about the cottage.

dining hall, Sheperd's Vacation Home

All of us were so overwhelmed that we decided to enjoy the beauty of the place and asked Vikram daju to leave with his car for that day. Sitting by the river was refreshing. The cool river waves touching my feet, the rustling leaves whispering in my ears and the air kissing my cheeks… transported me to an utopic world where nobody is aware of words like sorrow, anxiety or stress. Those few hours were unforgettable. Taking strolls by the river, collecting pebbles, running after butterflies and sometimes simply drinking the beauty of the setting sun – we could hardly realize how time passed away.

Rangit, Namchi

Gradually night came to cover the valley in its dark veil and light went off. But I was not at all upset as the candle light made the place even more mysterious. The feeling is hard to express. It was a mixed feeling. Probably eerie and ecstatic will be the right words to express what I felt at that moment.

Despite of the tiredness, I was thrilled enough to spend a sleepless night because I was eagerly waiting for dawn to grace the valley with its soft light. On one hand I was sad as time was passing away fast. On the other hand I was excited to discover what the next day has to offer us.

valley namchi sikkim

It was a lovely feeling to get up at the chirping of the birds, the warmth of the soft sun rays and the bubbling sound of the river. We roamed around aimlessly for some time. The river, the valley and the autumn sky filled my heart with joy.

Our first destination for that day was Samdruptse, a monastery. The huge statue of Guru Padmasabhava, the silent prayer hall, the flags, the candles and beautiful flowers around left us spellbound. We took many snaps and I am sharing some of those snaps with you in this collage.


Then we moved on to Namchi Central Park. It was the heart of the small hill station housing lots of shops and restaurants. On our way to the central park Vikram Daju suggested that we pay a visit to the Namchi Rock Garden which offers a panoramic view of the entire town. Dotted with various flowers, the rock garden itself was also a nice place. I was eagerly waiting to reach the Central Park as I was dying to have the tasty momos prepared by the locals. Other than the food what I liked the most about the food kiosks is that they served the food in very colorful crockery.
rock garden

Our next destination was a place called Char Dham which is home to the replicas of the four major Hindu sanctums of India. Though the architecture was good, I could hardly concentrate on it. The surrounding was breathtakingly beautiful and I was completely lost. I am sure you will feel the same after seeing these snaps.

char dham, namchi, sikkim

Helipad was the final destination for that day. When we reached the place the dusk sky was beading good bye to the valley. The pink rays of the setting sun made the sky look like a canvas painted by the Creator. We were speechless.

helipad, namchi, sikkim

We came back to our cottage from Helipad and I was keeping my fingers crossed so that the night doesn’t pass away quickly. But time has never stopped for anyone and our trip to the dreamland came to an end.

But as it is said “end is a beginning”. So my search for a new dreamland begins…



  1. nice description of a nice trip… you are always good with travelogues! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. yes END is always a NEW beginning….
    hopefully soon u will blessed with an opportunity to indulge urself to another dream place of God’s creation…..
    wishing u all the best…….
    description was beautifully crafted with words reaching core of heart embedded with fragrance of soft feelings which you had experienced during the trip..
    good job done..
    keep it up……….

  3. hey debu really gud travelogue… it transported me to the serene place called namchi… keep it up

  4. After going through the write-up I am truly feeling irresistible urge to spend atleast a couple of days amidst the lap of nature. I must say you have done a wonderful job. So, continue the good work and keep your readers overwhelmed ..

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