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Jagdalpur – The Land of Waterfalls

The vastness of the blue sky above, the soothing greenery around, the narrow lanes through the jungle – set me free once again, free from the clusters of concrete walls. It was a much desired break. Life has taken sudden turns. It was not easy to leave my city, leave the place that is so familiar to me, so dear to me. Coming to a new city and starting life afresh was quite a challenge but the trip to Jagdalpur set me free from all anxieties.

What made the trip heavenly was the company of my best friend [my husband 😉 ]. Being with him is fun. We enjoyed the trip thoroughly. Everything was fine except the day that we selected to visit a few places of Jagdalpur. It was Maha Shivratri which is celebrated with great vigor in Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh.  We couldn’t hire a car as all the cars were already booked. Initially I felt sad and thought that the sightseeing plan will be cancelled. However, my friend managed a bike from a localite. I was so excited because I just love bike rides.


There was a small temple of Lord Shiva near our hotel. We started our day by paying a visit to that temple. The temple lacked the so called structure or grandeur of Indian temples. It was rather a simple one with no ornamental architecture, an incomplete construction made of bricks. What we liked the most about the temple was its pious and serene ambiance.

We came back to hotel, had a quick breakfast and got ready in no time. I was eagerly waiting to discover the beauty of the Kanger Valley National Park. Though it was quite hot, the journey was not troublesome because it was not humid and as soon as we entered the jungle the journey became comfortable.


First we planned to visit a cave called Kutumsar, but when we reached there we were shocked to see the end number of people standing in a line near the entrance of the cave. We didn’t expect that the place would be so crowded. Then we came to know that the people waiting in the line were not at all tourists. They were devotees who have come to worship the Shiva Linga that has been naturally formed inside the cave. We decided to head for our next destination reluctantly because entering the cave on that particular day would have been a matter of luck.

We started for Tirathgarh Waterfalls. What a mesmerizing scene it was. I had seen the picture of this waterfall before but I couldn’t imagine that standing in front of the waterfall will take my heart away. The cascading fall rushing downwards made me forget the disappointments that I experienced for not being able to see Kutumsar. Water was not falling from great height but the waterfall was divided into sections. One needs to go to the bottom of the valley to see the small splendid pool that has been created by the waterfall. The flowing water was cooooooooooooooooool and we got as near as we can to enjoy the sprinkling water.


We left the place and started our journey for another famous waterfall of Jagdalpur named Chitrakot. I have heard a lot about this waterfall as it is called the Niagara of India. I was feeling restless and wanted to reach the spot in no time. Off-course my childish wish couldn’t be fulfilled, but a surprise was awaiting us. We halted at a Dhaba for lunch. I always wanted to go to a late-night Dhaba and savour the tasty dishes as well as enjoy the ambiance. Well, my wish was half fulfilled. At least I could have an appetizing lunch at a Dhaba.

The way to Chitrakot was lovely. There was greenery all around. A Mela (fair) was going on at Chitrakot, but we were hardly interested in that. We rushed to see the waterfall and within a few minutes we reached the spot from where the waterfall has originated. The meandering Indravati river has taken a sudden leap to form the fascinating waterfall. The view from above was amazing and when we went down to see the waterfall from below the view simply stuck us speechless.  I am falling short of words to describe the beauty of the waterfall. Why don’t you take a look at it?


I am pretty sure that you are also awestruck by seeing the magnificent Chitrakot Falls. We also enjoyed a boat ride in the lake that has been formed by the falls. The boat took us very close to the waterfall. On one side was the giant waterfall and on the other side was the setting sun. The soft light of dusk made the scene even more picturesque. Sometimes a picture can say a thousand words. So I am sharing a picture that will leave little for your imagination.


We bid adieu to Chitrakot. I hated to leave the heaven but the setting sun reminded me that end only indicates a new commencement…… and this gave me hope for a new beginning of my life as well 🙂




  1. Dear Deblina,
    two years ago I also went to Jagdalpur from Raipur along with my wife, Sister in law and her daughter.
    We travelled by car via Keshkal, I read so much about in Narayan Sanyal book, and reached Chitrakote via Jagdalpur in the evening. It was silent all over out of fear . Not a soul to see anywhere around.
    we had booking at tourism hotel which has sprawling campus with good accomodation just across the falls and overlooking Indravati river.
    Very nice but we were the only guests at that time.
    However we enjoyed our stay. Night was uneventful and returned the next day to Jagdalpur and enroute we visited Kutumsar and Tirathgarh falls.
    That area deserves vist. Wonderful.

  2. Wish you can visit your favorite place, time and again. Loved the photos u posted along with 🙂

  3. The photos weren’t required as the place came alive through your words. 🙂

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