Posted by: deblinaganguli | March 19, 2015

Memories – A Revolutionary Act


Childhood memories are something, you cherish throughout your life. The innocent thoughts, the simple wishes, the even simpler demands, the silent tears when no one pays attention to the desire of your tender heart – this story travels back to that time of my childhood when my logic didn’t seem to be reasonable at all to my elders. The poor ‘I’ could only blame God for not making the grownups a little sensitive to the thoughts (which seemed to be superb logic to me) of a young mind.

This story will take you back to that era when 5 paisa or 10 paisa existed. When getting 25 paisa as pocket money meant, you could easily fulfil your dream of having a Kesar Kulfi. And guess what? The Kulfiwalas were even kind hearted enough to give you the Kulfi for 20 paisa which means your savings could earn you a Hajmola. Those simple things used to given us immense pleasure and asking for something more was beyond our imagination.

You must be wondering why am I emphasizing so much on ‘chillars’? Here is the answer. I think there must have been some strong connections between me and beggars or they must have strongly believed that I was the right person to be hoodwinked. But what they didn’t know was that my master mind could have easily resulted into more misery than what they were already facing.

I was busy watering the plants infront of my house when a beggar came to me and asked for some alms. This time I didn’t make the mistake of bringing misfortune by annoying my mother. So, grandfather seemed to be a better choice for me. I went to him directly and snatched away his newspaper (without doing so, he would have never paid attention to what I was saying). Then I told him the reason for which I had taken away his paper. He readily gave me a few pennies to give the beggar and again dived into the day’s news.

I was cherishing my victory but as soon as I went forward to keep the alms in the bowl of the beggar, my innocent heart protested strongly and my hand resisted the action of giving alms to a person who was already so rich. His bowl was full of coins? How could he make me fool? How could he ask for money when he already had so much of it in his bowl? I was upset. But, this could not be the end. “He should learn a lesson”, my mind told me. Yes, I would distribute his money among other beggars and this would be his punishment for cheating me.

Before he could understand what was happening, I took a hand full of coins from his bowl and ran inside the home. He started complaining to my grandfather who by the time was aware of the fact that something went terribly wrong. He called me and tried to explain things. But I denied to return those coins absolutely convinced that the beggar has succeeded deceiving my grandpa as well. All my efforts of convincing my grandpa seemed to have wasted as no one appreciated the little revolutionary soul. Rather they condemned me for my action. My heart knew I was absolutely right. God knows why the grownups always fail to understand the logic of the young minds. 😉



  1. There is a child in all of us despite what the number says or how old we look…after completion of half the journey of life when we look back,it always re-affirms the belief that the best when we really listened to our heart is the stage of childhood not when we became so called mature. With maturity we scarificed our innocence and more important the purity of our heart…

    Kudos deblina for sharing this experience as it has precipitated once again those sweet golden memories of childhood…
    keep posting..

    • Thanks for inspiring me to write more n honestly you are the one who has helped me not to lose my innocense completely. Keep inspiring 🙂

  2. Hahahaa …what a shock for the beggar! 😛 I think after that no beggar dared to come to your house for alms 😀 …Very well written. Enjoyed the humor in your writing very much.

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