Posted by: deblinaganguli | January 7, 2019

Memories – Believing The Bizarre


What would you call a child like me who has always created troubles for her elders but could never explain that it was her curiosity to know everything, to try different things, to do new experiments that has led to all the so called ‘problems’.

This childhood story of mine dates back to that era when ‘Mahabharata’ was a very popular soap telecast by Doordarshan. All the family members would do their chores early in the morning so that they don’t miss this very engaging weekly telecast. In fact very few people were fortunate in those days to have televisions in their homes. They did not mind all the neighbours gathering in the living room to watch the serial.

I remember how everyone was merrily welcomed at my home and we all sat together enjoying ‘Mahabharata’. It really didn’t matter who got to sit in the sofa and who occupied the mattress on the floor. ‘Ego’ always took a back seat in those days.

I was highly inspired by one episode which showed how Guru Dronacharya picked up a ball from a well by making a rope of straws throwing the straws one by one inside the well. I was small enough to believe that all human beings possess power to perform such miraculous act and if god gives me an opportunity I would surely like to do similar things.

Whether you call it my good luck or misfortune, that the very next day I got an opportunity to show my talent in the school. I was in nursery and my classroom was beside a garden. My friend occupied the window seat and by mistake her pencil slipped from her hand while she was trying to show me a parrot sitting on a nearby tree. I grabbed this very opportunity and started throwing the caps of water bottles one by one out of the window having faith that it will help me to build a rope kind of thing with which I would be able to pick up the fallen pencil.

Some sensible child reported this to the teacher and she could not believe her eyes when she saw what I was upto. It is a painful fact that she slapped me hard considering it to be a mischievous act without giving me a chance to explain myself. Now tell me was it really my fault or should I blame god for not helping my teacher to understand my good intention.




  1. Hehehe

    Albert became Einstein because of curosity only..

    Keep sharing

    • ☺️☺️☺️☺️ thanks

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