Posted by: deblinaganguli | January 29, 2019

A Misjudged Little Soul

She is an angel

Is what everyone thinks,

What they don’t know is

She can perfectly hoodwink

Anyone with her innocent smile,

Because apparently she is fragile.

But her strength lies

In her curious nature,

Which will surely

Shape her future,

The infant could easily crawl upstairs,

Leaving behind the elderly cares.

She considered the kitchen her den,

Ignoring her mother’s face redden;

Music moved her since childhood,

She would create music whenever she could.

Throwing glasses and plates was her delight,

For her elders it might be a plight.

Whenever her granny

Kept the kitchen door ajar,

The little devil would

Whole-heartedly thank her.

Considering herself a better cook than her granny,

Would create situations, for her elders uncanny.

She would add extra taste

To that old lady’s dish

Pouring spices in them

Making the flavours even rich.

Still, I am sure that one day,

She’ll become a true angel, making her family gay.



  1. Good attempt
    Keep exploring your skills

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