Posted by: deblinaganguli | February 5, 2019

Memories – A Brilliant Actor

“Practice makes a man perfect.” My friend, Pushan has taken these words too seriously. He used to keep on delivering his dialogues again and again until he was satisfied and I must tell you that he was a boy who was hardly satisfied with anything in this world. Even if our mentor approved his acting, he would doubt the authenticity of her comments.

If I am not wrong, it was the year 2007 and we were rehearsing a play which we were supposed to perform in a cultural programme organized by the puja committee and it was to be held after Durga Puja. We all took it very seriously considering ourselves to be no less than Amitabh Bachchan. Most of us were in class 6 /7 /8 and obviously each of us wanted to surpass the other with his or her acting skill. But no one was as crazy as Pushan.

Our mentor Mrs. Lina Ghosal tried her best to convince Pushan that he was playing the character of the flautist of Hamlin perfectly fine. But he didn’t want to give any opportunity to his audience to criticize him.

On the day of our performance, all of us were very excited and played the role assigned to us as nicely as possible. But, Pushan was always a step ahead. He decided to make the audience realize how dedicated he was. Hence, he entered the stage, delivered a few dialogues and turned towards our director who was sitting beside the wings to prompt in case any of us forgets the dialogue. She could immediately sense that something is going to be terribly wrong. Turning her guess into reality Pushan announced infront of the audience that his performance was not up to the mark and asked her if he should start from the beginning again.

I am sure that he was heart-broken when the audience broke into a loud laughter. Pushan was disappointed to realize that the audience didn’t appreciate his sincere effort to do better and instead of applauding, laughed at him. On top of that…..let me keep it a secret how our mentor treated him after the play was over.




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