Posted by: deblinaganguli | February 5, 2019

Memories – An Act of Honesty

“Honesty is the best policy.” We must have heard it often but do we really follow this in our life? Most of us will agree that we don’t. In fact, at times we even lie even if the situation doesn’t demand. In such an age, when greed and jealousy have overpowered our conscience, expecting honesty from somebody is like a mirage. The worst thing is that even the children are not able to be honest in their approach ignoring the trap of greed.

However, if the world is still inhabitable, it is because of good human beings like Jevin, a child probably 10/11 years old. He is my student and quite a charming, obedient little boy. Yesterday morning, one of my colleagues gave me a certificate and asked me to hand it over to Jevin. I did as I was instructed and while giving him the certificate, I noticed that he had received it for being a part of the Pragati House Football Team which came 2nd in the Inter-House Football Tournament. He took the certificate with a confused expression. But, I ignored it and moved on to regular teaching.

At the end of the day, I discovered the reason behind his puzzled face. During dispersal, he came running to me saying that he doesn’t deserve the certificate as he didn’t participate in the match though initially he had got his name enlisted in the Pragati House Football team.

I took him to his House-Master and we all had a heart laugh realizing the irony of the situation. One teacher even suggested him to keep it. But the child refused politely and kept the certificate on the table.

I couldn’t help being impressed with his honesty and decided to give him a chocolate the next day for this apparently ‘trivial sacrifice’. (I believe at this age of greed and jealousy, it is not easy to get rid of materialism especially for a child of his age.) I shared this incident with the other students in my class the next day hoping that this little boy and his act of honesty will set an example and work as an inspiration for others.




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