Posted by: deblinaganguli | February 16, 2019

Memories – A Smart Question

Have you ever seen the parents waiting at the reception area of a “Big” school? If yes, I am sure your eyes have not missed the stressed faces. It’s a matter of reputation these days to get our children enrolled in a famous English medium school. Yes, English medium only. Who cares about mother tongue? Even if you don’t know your mother tongue properly, it won’t spoil your social position. But not to know English is no less than a crime. It is definitely something to feel low about. It’s a weapon for others to make you feel humiliated.

How foolish it is to judge someone’s intelligence and smartness depending on their knowledge of a language. But unfortunately, we Indians, till date, could not decolonize our minds.

So, right from the birth, we start speaking to our kids in English and put immense pressure on them to ensure that they succeed in the interview which they need to pass in order to get admission in pre-primary. I feel sorry for those budding flowers full of potentials.

We were fortunate enough not to be a part of this rat race. Our parents never considered us to be the tools for maintaining their status. So, they had faith in our abilities and they never put us under so much stress just to get admission in a well known school.

When I was in class 1, my mother decided to let me appear in an interview for getting admission in South Point, definitely one of the most reputed schools of Kolkata, but I am sure she would not have mind, had I not cleared the interview. I could successfully answer most of the questions in Bengali. Then the teachers asked me how I could expect to get admitted in an English medium school when I was not able to answer all the questions in English.

But, I outsmarted them asking how could they expect a child of my age to answer everything in English before getting enough knowledge of the language. I was there, willing to get admission in their school, so that I can learn good English. Was it fair to test my skills of the language even before teaching me? No doubt, after this they didn’t ask further questions and I got a smooth admission. Alas! If only modern parents could have faith in the abilities of their wards.


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